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See how we're Investing in You


More Go: That’s Our Mission

We’re committed to flying you to the best destinations for as little money as possible. But that’s just the start. Now, we’re going even further and taking you even farther. You’ll continue to see a lot more improvements from Spirit.

A Message from Our President

Our Commitments To Our Guests

We’re not just focused on improving, we’re committed to it and we welcome your input. We’ll even be giving away two round-trip tickets each month to Guests who share their thoughts with us.

Performance Promise

We are committed to getting you there on time. We’re now among the leaders in on-time performance.

Improving The Experience

We are committed to improving every aspect of your journey. Soon, we’ll be installing Wi-Fi on our planes.

À La Smarte

We are committed to giving you more choices when it comes to how you fly and how you save. Add extras like Shortcut Boarding. Relax in a Big Front Seat®. It’s up to you.

The Giving Spirit

We are committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work.

How We've Invested In Our Guests

We believe flying for as little money as possible is only half of our promise. So, we pledge to keep going. To keep improving. Again, and again. That’s what we do. At Spirit, we go. We go, for you.


Climb Aboard Our All-Airbus Fit Fleet®

We proudly fly one of the youngest fleets in the U.S. We add one more brand-new plane to our fleet every single month! Our commitment to our fleet shows in our average aircraft age of just 5.6 years.


Spirit Signature Service

Your experience means everything to us, so we developed Spirit Signature Service to provide you with a great experience. We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon.


Technology To Make Your Trip Better

We’re constantly looking for ways to simplify, speed up, and improve your experience. Here are a few changes we’ve made so far:

  • Mobile-friendly website makes booking easy.
  • The Spirit App makes it easy to book a flight, check-in, get your boarding pass, and purchase add-ons like our Big Front Seat.
  • New airport kiosks and self bag-tagging move you through the airport quickly.

More than 70 Destinations And Growing

With over 600 daily flights to more than 70 destinations in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean, we’re sure you’ll find a destination perfect for you.

In the past few months we’ve announced brand new service to eight cities, Cali, Colombia; Jacksonville, Florida; Austin, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Burbank, California; and Sacramento, California.

We’ve also added over 40 new routes to conveniently get you to the destinations you love.

Now the only question is, what exciting destination will we add next?


Giving Back To The Community

We’re committed to inspiring positive change in the cities where we work and live. And that starts with giving back. Through our most valuable resources of time, flights and funding, we support organizations that seek to impact children, families, education and the military.

Introducing Spirit Wi-Fi

We’re installing Wi-Fi on all aircraft starting this year. So you’ll be able to watch, stream, surf and text from 30,000 feet.

A yellow Spirit plane with the symbol for Wi-Fi beaming out of the top of the fusilage

Wi-Fi Q&A

Yes! Spirit has an agreement to have high-speed Wi-Fi installed on its entire fleet.